TP - You are MY Personal Office Toilet (Toilet Play)

Category: toilet slavery

Duration: 6:00

Graphic Toilet Talk, Ass Worship POV, Office Toilet POV, Rimming, Human Toilet Paper Mistress T summons you into her office. She explains that she is so very busy, she doesn't even have time to leave her desk to go to the bathroom. For this reason, your job will be to kneel beside her all day and every time she needs to p-i-s-s or have a dump, she will simply do it in your mouth. That is your new job function as her personal office toilet. Just then someone else arrives to her office and now you have an audience because she needs to use you and the fact that someone else is there won't stop her from using you. The humiliation is extreme as she orders you to open wide and she lowers her amazing, perfect round ass on to your face. You can also check out more of the fabulous Mistress T at her Mistress T Fetish Fuckery clip store.(Click to see Mistress T's excellent blog!)

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