TP - Naughty Toilet Games (Toilet Play)

Category: toilet slavery

Duration: 10:00

Nasty Toilet Talk, Ass Worship, POV, Human Toilet Paper Simulation, Toilet Slavery, Humiliation This amazing toilet slavery scene starts off with Mistress T lifting the lid of the toilet and talking to you the viewer in POV style. She describes in detail how she plans to use you and feed you her waste. She wants you stroking your cock and showing her how hard you get at the thought of drinking her p-e-e and eating her waste. She degrades you further and further because you are disgusting. The lowest of low at the bottom of the food chain. She hikes up her dress and slowly lowers her incredible ass onto the toilet seat. Her soft round ass pushes through the hole of the toilet seat and stops just inches from your face. You can smell her fragrance and you almost shoot your load right there. Her asshole is right above your mouth and you open wide so you don't miss a thing. It's a great POV moment. Next you see Mistress T sitting on her toilet throne and she has her toilet slave underneath her. His cock is rock hard. She speaks in the most degrading and yet sexy manner. The chemistry between Mistress T and her toilet slave is incredible. When she is finished using him, she kneels and makes him lick her ass clean like human toilet paper. She never feeds him regular food very often so he will always stay hungry for her caviar and nectar. Toilet slavery fans MUST get this simulated toilet slavery scene. It is in complete compliance with regulations. You can also check out more of the fabulous Mistress T at her Mistress T Fetish Fuckery clip store.(Click to see Mistress T's excellent blog!)

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