Twisted Taboo Family Pt 4

Category: taboo

Duration: 8:00

Step daughter Halle knows her stepdad Tony is father and football coach of her stepbrother Bradley's team and has just recently married her mom Dava. Halle knows her stepdad has been sneaking around watching her as she takes a shower. She decides to put on a little show knowing he's right outside the door jerking his dick. He is such a perverted old man. Later on that day he forbids her from going out with her friends and doing what she wants. So she is mad and sulking about it on the couch. Stepdad Tony comes in to try to talk with her only wearing a white towel. Halle stands up confronting him and says "I know you watch me when I'm in the shower and I know you sniff my panties. Your a perverted old man. I'm going to tell my mom how pathetic you are unless you let me have my way. You come in here in your towel, flexing your muscles. You're not even my real dad and now you want to talk about it." Tony says "you have quite the foul mouth young lady." Halle stands up and smacks her step daddy pushing him down to his knees and pulls down her pants. She says "you want this young 18-year-old pussy? Is that what you want old man? You think you can handle it?" Then she turns around and bends over pulling his face right into her ass. "Worship my ass step perv." Tony licks and warships his stepdaughter's ass as she insults him and humiliates him further. Threatening to tell her mother and informs him that he will be her little bitch for the rest of the day. Halle wants a credit card so she can do whatever she wants..

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