Twisted Taboo Family (Training Bradley) Full DVD

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Duration: 45:00

Goddess Dava Foxx has just married Tony the football coach. Her stepson Brad is a mouthy chauvinistic disrespectful jock who she knows has the hots for her. Brad has been staring at her and sneaking in her closet going through her panties. Tony has left to go coach and Brad has come home from his football practice. Brad is on the phone with his buddy telling him "you just gotta let her know who the Man is. Just grab her and give it to her. His stepmother Dava overhears this and walks into the room, Is that really how you feel about women? You're never going to get anywhere if you treat women like that. You need to have a little more respect, Brad." He replies "yeah, yeah, you're not even my real Mom, I am trying to watch the game." Dava walks back to her room frustrated and decides she needs to relieve some tension. She slowly undresses and slips into her red nighty. She's going to have some fun. As she starts to masturbate she notices the closet door is cracked. Brad sneaked in while she was changing to watch her. Dava turns the vibrator up and really goes to town moaning, groaning and grinding her hips till she has reached an orgasm. Knowing Brad is in the closet slapping his man meat, Dava goes over and swings open the door catching him standing in the closet wearing her stockings. He is naked with a hard on. She grabs him by his ear and begins slapping him in the face. "You've been watching me! What do you have a crush on me? You like watching your step mom touch herself She then forces his head down right to her pussy and says "get to work bitch start eating it!" Brad starts licking her vagina very timidly at first and she starts grinding repeating to him "eat it bitch, come on please a woman, please your step mommy. Lick step mommy's pussy, That's right lick mommy's pussy." Finally she has an orgasm and tells him that he needs much further training if he's ever going to please a woman and that she will be having fun with him for the rest of the weekend, Dava is teaching her stepson Brad the football player how to please a woman. After a pathetic attempt at eating his step mommy's pussy Brad now has to start at the bottom. Dava starts him off by having him worship her feet. Licking her sexy high arches, sucking in between every one of her toes. Obeying and pleasing is his new job. She begins laughing and says to Brad "wouldn't the football team find this amusing." She then pulls the big jock boy by his pink collar, making him gag on her foot as she rubs her pussy to finish the job that he couldn't. Bradley has an erection after worshiping her feet. She asks Bradley "you want to fuck your step mommy ?" Bradley replies "yes." Get up here and fuck me. Fuck your step mommy with your hard cock, make step mommy cum." Bradley pounds his step mom's pussy as hard as he can while wearing her sheer black stockings and a pink collar. Dava then flips him on his back and jumps on top of his hard cock. Riding it hard, using him as her human dildo. Telling him how pathetic he is. Bradley can't take it anymore and cums in his mommy's pussy. She laughs and teases him and tells him "you better lick up every last drop of your disgusting filth." Then hands him a chrome chastity device and says "you need much further training if you're ever going to please a woman." "Yes mommy" Bradley replies with cum dripping down his chin. Halle knows her stepdad has been sneaking around watching her as she takes a shower. She decides to put on a little show knowing he's right outside the door jerking his dick. He is a perverted old man. Later on that day he forbids her from going out with her friends and doing what she wants. So she is mad and sulking about it on the couch. Stepdad Tony comes in to try to talk with her only wearing a white towel. Halle stands up confronting him and says "I know you watch me when I'm in the shower and I know you sniff my panties. You're a perverted old man. I'm going to tell my mom how pathetic you are unless you let me have my way. You come in here in your towel, flexing your muscles. You're not even my real dad, Tony says, "you have quite the foul mouth, young lady." Halle stands up and smacks her step daddy pushing him down to his knees and pulls down her pants. She says, "you want this young 18-year-old pussy? Is that what you want old man? You think you can handle it?" Then she turns around and bends over pulling his face right into her ass. "Worship my ass" Tony licks his stepdaughter's ass as she insults him and humiliates him further. Threatening to tell her mother and informs him that he will be her little bitch for the rest of the day. Halle wants a credit card so she can do whatever she wants. Now that Princess Halle Von has just gotten her stepfather Tony to worship her ass. She threatened that if he didn't give her his credit card she would tell mom about him watching her in the shower while jerking his pathetic old man dick. He agrees to give her the card but wants more of his young stepdaughter. Halle teases him by stroking his dick then starts to suck his dick telling him "you didn't know what a dirty little slut I was did you? Did you ever think you'd see me sucking your cock ?" She then pulls her face off of his dick and fishhooks his mouth open spitting his own pre-cum into his mouth. Halle says, "you want this 18-year-old pussy? Do you want to fuck me now? Fuck my pussy, make me cum." Tony does his best to please the young 18-year-old, but he is no match for her, She flips him over and proceeds to ride his cock fast and hard groaning "fuck me step daddy, fuck me step daddy." Halle then humiliates him by placing a chindo on his face and telling him to fuck her pussy till she cums. All the while telling Tony what a lousy fuck he was and that the only way he can please her is with a prosthetic dick on his face. After she has used him and has had her orgasm she pushes him off telling him she better get the credit card soon or she'll be speaking to Mommy about their little afternoon together. "Yes Halle" replies Tony. Dava and her Daughter Halle have now compared notes and realize that Tony, Dava's new husband, Bradley her new stepson and Halle's new step brother are both pathetic Cuckold sluts who love being Dominated and controlled by woman. Halle blindfolds Bradley after catching him wearing his Mom's black silk stockings. She then sees his dicklett locked up in chastity telling him how hot and wet it is making her pussy. Halle says, "you want to fuck your hot step sister don't you Bradley?" He replies "yes, please." She breathes in his ear and licks his face and says "then trust me" as she writes in bright pink lipstick "Cum Slut" and "Looser" on chest. She calls her mom Dava into the room. Both women are brandishing 12" pink and purple Strapon cocks and seduce Bradley. They make him lube up their hard cocks with his pretty little pink sissy slut mouth. Step Mommy bends him over and writes "Ass Whore" on his back then shoves her huge pink dick all the way in his man pussy. He lets out a moan. The ladies fuck him hard and long all the while making him tell them how much he loves a big dick in his ass and how he loves to fucked by his step mommy and stepsister. Bradley begs "please fuck me harder step mommy." The ladies love their new family.

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