Squirt all over is face and in his mouth.(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

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Sitting on the steps of my outdoor pool I inform the slave at my feet that he`s a dirty piece of and that I have a little toy for him. The toy will come later, though, because for now I`m going to torture him by showing him my ass but not letting him lick it. He begs to taste me but I refuse to let him as I tease him by pulling my panties down and flaunting my perfect butt in his face. The dirty pervert is all worked up and dying to stick his tongue in my asshole but since he`s been a bad slave lately I inform him that he`ll won`t be touching me again. After he apologizes repeatedly I finally cave and let him mouth my ass and then turn around to let him please my pussy as well. I hold his head and watch him lick me and can`t help but squirt all over is face and in his mouth. At long last it`s time for me to break out his toy and after strapping the dildo to his chin I turn around to let him fuck me with it. Thrusting his head back and forth the big, fake dick slides in and out of my wet pussy and I moan in delight while he goes to work. I remove the strap-on from his chin and let him use his mouth on my pussy again before having him eat candy out of my asshole. This slave`s so eager to get back in my good graces that he doesn`t dare disobey me!

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