My Brother is a Cocksucking Whore: Part Two

Category: sissy sluts

Duration: 7:00

The sissies are warmed and up and the nasty little French maid finally gets to suck the stud's cock. But the Mistresses aren't done. Kandy and Autumn have our sissies lie down on the floor and jerk off. Only one of them gets to cum- the one who does so first! To expedite things, Kandy orders them to stroke each other's dicks instead of their own, and this does the trick for Kandy's slutty brother. But the slut fest isn't over yet: Now the French maid must suck off the stud. It doesn't take her long to make him explode in her mouth. The Mistresses ensure she swallows every last drop. (Click to see Mistress Kandy's clips store)

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