AW - Mesmerized by My Ass and Bra*n Washed to Eat Waste (Ass Worship)

Category: mesmerize

Duration: 6:00

Mesmerize, Ass Worship, Toilet Slavery, Bra*n Washing, Total Ownership and Domination Mistress T loves control. She loves to literally own all the men in her life. She wants them obeying her every wish. Her slave johnny has been wrapped around her finger for quite some time and she loves taking him deeper and deeper into submission. She makes him stare at her ass while she speaks in her magical voice that puts him under her spell and before you know it, he is licking her asshole on command. Next comes the toilet training. Using her trance like verbals, she converts him into a living waste consumption machine for her and her girl friends. Johnny's life is completely under her spell. Yours will be too. You can also check out more of the fabulous Mistress T at her Mistress T Fetish Fuckery clip store.(Click to see Mistress T's excellent blog!)

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