Jerk-Off Game to My Nylon-Clad Feet!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: masturbation instruction

Duration: 11:00

Let`s play a game, shall we? As I sit on my sofa wearing my black nylons and no shoes, you`re going to jack your cock to me but only when I wiggle my cute toes. Is that clear, slave? Watch as I move my cute feet around and jerk yourself hard and fast for me. If you don`t see my toes moving then you better stop touching yourself, you got it? My legs look amazing in these nylons and my adorable feet look just as good. Stroke your cock while I move them for you but you`re not allowed to cum without my permission! Watch as I tease you by wiggling my toes as you stroke yourself only to have you stop when I pause. As I hold my feet close to you I want you to lean in and lick your computer screen. Do it, I said! Lick your screen and imagine your tongue was touching my feet. After driving you wild for over ten minutes I count down from ten and have you cum everywhere for me! Blow that massive load all over my nylon-clad feet, slave.

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