Ruthless Tease

Category: masturbation games

Duration: 8:00

Bratty spoiled Princess Alison Starr knows she is a sexy hot Goddess and knows that you will pay anything just to stare at her sexy body. You want to touch your pathetic loser dick, but she first makes you get a jar and start stuffing it full of 20 dollar bills. When you've completely filled it she will allow you to touch that pathetic 2" inch slut stick of yours but only for two minutes while she ruthlessly teases you with her sexiness showing you her big ample breasts and her tight sexy young ass. To drive you even further over the edge she rubs her wet pussy through her pink panties but you are pathetic and don't deserve to see Goddess's pussy. That's right bitch, just keep filling the jar with twenties and stroking your pathetic tiny looser dick.

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