FF - Turned Into the Family Slave Part 4 (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 8:00

Pussy Worship, Bondage, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Nipple Biting, Hair Pulling, Face Slapping, General Purpose Abuse Auntie Red is relaxing on the kitchen stool with her nephew kevin still bound to the stool and licking her pussy. Her brother johnny is ordered to just watch on his knees. Moments later Mistress Kandy shows up and she is thrilled to see her son Kevin being properly trained in the art of pussy licking by Auntie Red. Kandy goes over to Johnny and starts teasing him and slapping his face for not having a hard on to greet her with. Both Kandy and Red decide they should take the boys into the bedroom for some real fun and games. They drag them into the bedroom by their hair and begin sitting on their faces while ordering them to lick their asses. Kevin is eagerly licking Auntie Red's ass and Johnny is sporting a big hard dick as he licks Kandy's ass.You can contact Mistress Red at her twitter account: @MissRedRules

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