FF - Turned Into M0mmys New Pet Part 5 (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 7:00

FOOT WORSHIP, HUMILIATION, TWISTED FAMILY FANTASY, BLACKMAIL M0mmy has invited Auntie Holly over and the two of them are lying on the bed. She tells Holly everything about what has happened; how she got into her s0n's computer and found he was surfing fetish porn websites that featured women that looked like M0mmy. She explained how she has blackmailed her s0n into becoming her total slave ad this even includes using his best friend tony as a slave. Auntie Holly loves the whole concept of both boys serving every wish and desire the two women have. M0mmy orders them to stroke themselves and start worshiping their feet. They boys eagerly lick and suck on the feet of both beautiful women as they chat about how much fun they will have ruling the lives of these boys. Then M0mmy orders the boys to start working their way up to their asses… kissing and licking their legs all the way up and licking their asses once they get there. It's going to be a great afternoon now that Auntie Holly has joined in the twisted fun.

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