FF - Turned Into M0mmys New Pet Part 6 (Family Fantasy)

Category: kink

Duration: 10:00

PUSSY WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, FACE SITTING, HUMILIATION, HANDJOB, TWISTED FAMILY FANTASY, BLACKMAIL After having heir feet worshiped in the previous scene, M0mmy and Auntie Holly want their pussies and asses licked. First they lay on their tummies and have the boys lick their asses from behind. Then they have the boys flip over so they can sit on their faces. M0mmy and Auntie Holly start getting so aroused they can't keep their hands of the young cocks standing erect before them. They jerk off the boys but it's a real case of edging and tease and denial. Auntie Holly really starts moaning with delight as the two women bear down with all their weight upon the lad's faces and enjoy feeling slave tongue in their pussies and up their asses.

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