FF - Show Granny How Much You Love Her Ass (Family Fantasy)

Category: gilf

Duration: 6:00

Nasty Granny takes her nephew into the bedroom and plants her wonderfully full, round ass on his face. She sits on him in reverse position the entire time and demands he keep his tongue in her asshole. She has him so trained to want to please her, several times he asks her if he is doing it well for her. Her response doesn't give him the praise he is seeking and he tries even harder and harder to please her. She barks out commands for him to get his tongue in even deeper although he is already pushing it absolutely as far as he can. Sometimes she likes to play smother games with his face and she sits full and hard on his face to smother him while he must continue keeping his tongue deep in her ass. Nasty granny is one VERY nasty granny.

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