Megan Jones (Executive Bitch) FULL-LENGTH DVD

Category: female domination

Duration: 31:00

Megan Jones is a high-powered executive who needs to blow off a little steam. She tells her secretary to handle her calls as she will be unavailable for a couple of days. Megan checks into a 5-star hotel where she proceeds to call male escorts to her room, using and abusing them. She face fucks the first one, ties a rope around this balls and then throws him out the door, with his clothes in his hand, not knowing what hit him. Megan then brings in another escort and fucks him in the ass. The man is reluctant but Megan knows he needs the money and uses him like a cheap whore. Enjoying the man's humiliation, Megan brings in two more escorts and demands that he blow them at the same time. The man is nearly in tears with cum running down his face but Megan laughs it off. She is on a rampage and enjoying every minute of it. When Megan is in the parking lot of the hotel, making a phone call, she notices a man ogling her feet. She dangles her shoe and smiles. Another victim. She gives the bitch her room key and tells him to be on her knees when she enters the room. Megan is going to expose this man for the foot slut that he is. Every hard working woman deserves a high powered getaway. *Ruined Orgasm* Strap On* Forced BI* Dangling Shoe*Stocking Foot Worship* Heartless Humiliation* Forced Body Worship*

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