Brat Doms Part 1 (Chindo)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddesses Mena Li and Rachael Madori have a surprise for their college boys Bradley and Alex. The boys think they're going to get lucky, but the Goddesses have other plans for them. When the girls finally arrive at their house Bradley and Alex are in complete dismay when they see what they are wearing. Goddess Mena and Goddess Rachael lead the boys into their own house. The guys get them drinks and try to get a little frisky with the Goddesses, but before they can even get their arm around them they are shoved to the floor where they belong. They are told "the only way you will please us is by using these chindos." The Goddesses strap up the little cuck boy faces and tell them "fuck us until we cum, show us that you're worthy to even be with us. If you ever want to get this pussy you'll do whatever we say." The boys comply after the ladies have had their orgasms and they you will be our fuck toys for the weekend.

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