Husband Reconditioning (Re-Training The Cuck)‏ MP4‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 35:00

Now that Mr. James has been caught cheating on his wife, Kendra. She is sending him back to husband reconditioning facility that she found him at to learn how to serve a woman again. He must know his proper place as he has been demoted out of his Camaro into a plain boring transportation vehicle. Mr. James will have to go through the whole training process over again. Miss Esmi spots this cocky loser right away and calls for Miss Coxx to enter the room. They start by cross-dressing him in a nice pink dress making sure he is locked in chastity and instructed to eat pussy. He is horrible not having a clue how to please a woman. Miss Coxx shows him how to eat Esmi's pussy letting him taste it from their fingers. Taunting him with the chastity key, telling him this is just the beginning of his retraining process. Goddess Esmi and Mistress Candie now strap a Chindo on Mr. James pathetic loser face to teach him how to please a woman without the use of his pathetic slut stick. Ramming his head in and out of as Esmi's pussy till she has orgasm after orgasm. Instructing him that this is your new place locked in chastity with a prosthetic dick strapped to your face. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie love to have their ass's licked and worshiped by their bitch boy Alex in his hot pink dress. Mistress Esmi demands that he clean and lick her beautiful asshole to perfection. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie put this sissy slut to the test. Enjoying every moment of his servitude to them. Smelling, licking and worshiping our Goddess Asses. The Sissy slut must not miss even an inch of our beautiful round bottoms. Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie further instruct Mr. James on how to properly worship a woman's foot. Esmi shoves her foot filling his mouth. Making him lick her high arches. Paying close attention to each toe and worshiping every angle of Goddess's foot. Mr. James must come to except the fact that his place is locked in chastity, in a pink dress and on his knees to serve women.Mr. James still needs more training to learn his place in a goddesses life.This pathetic cucky bitch has been locked in chastity and is being tormented by Goddess Candie and Mistress Esmi. They lick the chastity device breathing their hot warm breath on it. Goddess Candie even fucks her big tits with it. The pathetic cuckold can barely stand anymore after he is feeling the restrain of the chastity device against his engorged slut stick. The ladies finally release him from chastity and inform him that he has exactly 5 minutes to make Mistress Esmi cum. The pathetic loser barley last two minutes when he feels the wet warmth of Mistress Esmi's pussy. He yells out pathetically like a little sissy slut "I'm about to cum, I'm about to cum." Esmi laughs and tells him to cum on Goddess Candie's big tits. After the loser spills his load he smirks at Goddess Esmi and asks "did I do good?" She smacks the bitch in the face shoves his head down and makes him lick up every last drop of his loser goo. Finally Mr. James has his final evaluation. Goddess Esmi and Candie are both wearing purple 12"strap on cock's. Mr. James is on his knees in front of Goddess Esmi lifting up the strap-on to reveal her hot pink pussy. She asks Mr. James "which will it be" and notices he can't take his eyes off that big purple strap-on. "Just as I thought, your a cock whore. Suck my cock bitch." She makes him lick her pussy and her balls. They decide to turn this bitch over and drill his ass. Goddess Esmi fucks him hard and long while Candie strokes her strap-on making Mr. James suck on her big round titties and instructs him to repeat after me ... "I LOVE A HUGE COCK IN MY ASS." So now the truth is out Mr. James is a pantyhose wearing cum guzzling sissy slut who loves a big cock in his ass.

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