Caning Fucking Your Ass

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Esmi Lee and Mistress May can not decide whether they want to fuck or cane this bitch. So they fill his mouth full of cock while caning him. "That's okay. I'll warm the bitch up.", Goddess Esmi taunts, "then he'll be begging for cock!" Sadistic and brutal Goddess Esmi canes his ass severely until wearing the bitch's ass out. She wastes no time in bending him over so that Mistress May can straddle the bitch like a pony. They Fuck him hard and wear his pathetic ass out once again, before Mistress May demands he flip over. "I want a shot at that mam Pussy!" She says. She pile drives him and tells him to take all of her 12 inch black cock til he is squealing like a little pig. "Your day has just begun..." The ladies laugh.

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