Cum Face Cock Gobbler

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Mistress Alina and her niece Sasha have a new bitch to train. This cocky chauvinistic pig thinks he is gods gift to women and insults mistress Alina on their first meeting. She swiftly takes control smacking the bitch in his face and then shoves him to his knees. Alina explains "women rule this family and if you're going to date my niece you're going to understand your place. And that's on your knees with a big fat cock in your mouth. Thats right suck his dick, every inch of it. Now beg for his cum." Mistress Alina's other cucky shoots a disgusting huge load in his mouth. As she pulls his head away all the disgusting white goo comes dripping out. She informs him his new name will become "Cum Face"

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