Punishing a Cheating Slave in Devious Ways! (WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: female domination

Duration: 17:00

With a pair of scissors in hand I venture into my bathroom and cut loose a slave I`d hogtied with duct tape and thrown in there earlier in the day. Like a I grab him by his collar and drag him into the back yard on his hands and knees. "You dirty piece of , you listen to me," I say as I take a seat with him kneeling before me. I scold him for cheating on me by checking out another mistress and, even though he apologizes profusely, I refuse to show him mercy. I make him worship my feet in between slapping his face and twisting his nipples hard. I laugh in delight while berating him as I relax and watch him hungrily mouth my feet clean. I have him lay on his back, shove my foot so far down his throat that he gags, and then sit on his face while tormenting his cock with my feet and twisting his nipples even more. That will teach this worthless loser to look at another mistress!

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