Chemical Castration of A Cum Slut

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Sasha Meow and Mistress Elena Sin decide it's time to milk another slut. Pulling the bitch from his cage and then strapping him to a diamond plated cross. Poking and pulling on his balls while talking about how full his slutty sacks are. The slave is dying to release. Mistress Elena then pulls out a gigantic syringe filled with a red liquid and aims right at the sluts balls. "You know what this is slave?" "No Goddess" answers the slave. "Its a special serum that makes pathetic slut boys like you have the hugest ,thickest, orgasm ever!" The slave begins shaking with anticipation as she slowly injects the serum into his testicles. Then the women stroke this bitch right to the edge letting him spray his thick white filth into Sasha's black gloves. After feeding him every last drop Elena turns and says "oh there's one more thing. There's a chemical reaction that causes your balls to disintegrate and fall off after an orgasm." The ladies walk off as laughing as the slave looks terrified...

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