Caning Her Slaves Bitch Ass

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddess Alison Star is cruel and in a sadistic mood. She feels like caning some raw slave meat. Placing her bitch in the caning stock with his hands locked behind his back and his ass lined up perfectly she beings to cane him to shreds. Swing after swing she beats this bitches ass raw. He begs for forgiveness but she informs him that there is no forgiveness, only more suffering. "Bitch beg me to cane you harder. Beg me to cane you faster. Beg me to cane you longer" she proclaims. Finally after she has worn this bitch out she sits back admiring her work. How Crimson his ass has become from her brutal caning. Allison smiles and says "your day is just beginning bitch"

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