Pool Hall Cuck Boys pt 4 (Forced Bi Bj)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Natasha Starr and her sister Bossy Pricess Natalia tell the boys "this is your final test and if you want to really make us hot you must make our pussies soaking wet. So you can come home and fuck us right." Both boys look at each other with "cum dumpster and "cock whore" written on their chest in bright pink lipstick and say "what do we have to loose at this point. Man let's just do whatever they want." The girls giggle and high five, okay we want to see you guys jerk each other off. The boys protest "we're not doing that, that's gay." The girls say "come in it's just us here. No one else is around and it makes us hot. Its not gay if you want to get this pussy. You'll do what I say! Jerk each other off!" The boys look at each other and agree "well if it gets us in there we got to do it bro. I won't tell anybody." Cameron agrees and they start jerking each other off as the ladies rub their pussies. The girls worked them up and get them into it by really pouring it on thick, "my pussy is so wet, thats it stroke his cock. Tell me how you love stroking cock." "I love stroking cock Goddess", the boys reply. "I want you to suck his dick." The bitch boys hair is grabbed and shoved right into Alex's cock. The girls laugh as his head bobs up-and-down on Alex's hard cock. Natasha grabs him and throws him down and make him suck Cameron's cock. Finally satisfied with everything they've gotten, the girls want to get up and leave. The guys say "but wait a minute we did everything you asked. Don't we get to go home and fuck you now?" Girls laugh and say "just suck each other's cock, jerk each other off and your new name "cock whore" and "cum guzzler" you guys are made for each other. We wouldn't want to come between that. See you later boys

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