Jean Bardot Alexis Grace FemDom Forever Mp4

Category: female domination

Duration: 18:00

Jean Bardot and Alexis Grace enjoy being the lords over their FemDom estate. This day they are in a particularly sadistic mood. The ladies storm into the slave barracks and pick out a slave to entertain themselves with. Jean begins slapping the male bitch in the face repeatedly. Alexis laughs as the bitch's face turns beet red. This is a lucky day for him. This slut will have the Mistresses full attention. Alexis hangs the slut up by his wrists. The bitch's balls are in trouble now. Jean and Alexis kick the slut in his helpless balls until he can barely stand. Then Jean grabs the bitch and drags him to an outdoor stockade. There he is then caned without mercy. Instant red and purple welts rise up on the bitch's ass, which fuels the Mistresses sadistic frenzy. Once the bitch has had over 100 strokes, he is put on a leash and lead back to the barracks. This bitch is going to be fucked in the ass now. Jean and Alexis take turns gang fucking the bitch with their strap ons. Once they are satisfied, they pull their cocks out and demand the slut lick them clean. Jean and Alexis simply glow as they put this male bitch through his paces. They enjoy every sadistic minute. *Face Slapping**Extreme Caning**Brutal Ball Busting**Strap on**INTENSE CRUELTY**

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