If You Cum You Get Castrated

Category: female domination

Duration: 9:00

Jaylnn Foxx is a horny Mistress and asks Goddess Brianna if there are any available studs on the ClubDom Estate. Brianna replies "I have just the perfect one but there is a rule here, the bitch has no bragging rights and if he cums even one drop he must be castrated. Can you live with that?" Mistress Jaylnn replies "can i live with it? I love it!" Entering the room Jaylynn sees her stud tied to the bed and Godess Brianna informs the slave he is the plesure of Mistress and if he cums he will loose his balls. With a gulp the slave replies "yes Goddess." Brianna leaves the two alone. Mistress Jaylynn rides the bitch hard and fast reaching mulitable orgasms. The poor pathetic slave cant hold out any longer and blows his load in the Mistress's pussy. Goddess Brianna asks "how was he?"Jaylynn replies "he was ok but he did cum in my pussy." Godess Brianna laughs "I guess I have a new decoration for my mantle and this bitch will never cum again. She places the castration device on his balls and snip! They are gone. The slave screams in pain as the ladies laugh

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