Cane And Whip This Bitch (Pt 4 of Repair Men at ClubDom)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Jean Bardot and Mistress Kylie Rogue now have loudmouth Lew suspended while wearing a hood and collar. They inform him that there is only one way to please his Goddess. Mistress Kylie asks him "you want to make my pussy wet don't you?Well the only thing that makes my pussy wet is watching you suffer!" Goddess Jean then starts to cane the bitches ass. Swing after swing leaving red welts. She finally swings so hard that his ass breaks the cane. Goddess proceeds place the cane in his mouth and says "you better not drop this bitch." Grabbing her whip she continues to shred his back leaving it marked full of welts. The whole time Mistress Kylie watches as she masturbates, loving every moment of this bitches suffering. The more Goddess Jean whips him, the more it turns Mistress Kylie on. Rubbing her pussy until she has an orgasm. The ladies laugh at the suffering this bitch has gone through. Admiring their work with the Crimson welts all across the slaves back. (Pt 4 of Repair Men at ClubDom)

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