A Cuckys Dream Comes True (Chastity Tease)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Alexis Grace is horny and masturbating with her Vibrator when her cuckold husband comes in and asks if he can have a shot at pleasing his goddess. Alexis is amused and smiles as she starts to tease and torment her cuckold husband who is locked in chastity. She lays him down on the bed and starts to lick and breathe on the chastity device making his little 3 inch pecker swell with . Laughing while he's locked in chastity only tormenting him more rubbing her sexy body all over him licking him breathing on him then she decides to actually ride and grind his chastity device until she has an orgasm. Grinding faster and faster as her wet pink pussy lips cover the plastic little cage. The cuckold can barely take anymore and finally she she comes to orgasm. Feeling a bit sad for her subby hubby she unlocks and releases his little 3 inch pecker. Grinning coyly at him knowing that she has a penis extender she has bought for him. She would never let him fuck her with pathetic little dicklett

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