Sadism in Caning MP4 (Mistress Megan Jones)

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Mistress Megan Jones is a sadistic woman. She has her slut bent over a caning rack and an evil smile on her face. She is going to cane this slut until her heart is content. Megan lays into the slut with her bamboo cane, delivering one sadistic stroke after another. Instant red and purple welts rise up on the slut's ass but Megan keeps right on caning the bitch. She smiles when the slut begins to tremble and cry. In fact, she canes the bitch even harder. When Megan has had her fill, she runs her sharp nails over the slut's welts, enjoying the heat her cane has left on the bitch's black and blue ass.

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