The Life Of A $2.00 BlowJob Cucky‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 35:00

Goddess Brianna permits the foot slave to worship her shiny black stilettos and her stocking feet. She pumps the slave's mouth with her heel before removing her shoes, teasing him with her high arches. After a stiff foot smacking in the face he is instructed to massage her feet with his tongue. Goddess Brianna eventually pumps all of her stocking toes into the hungry slave's mouth leaving him locked in chastity with a hard on she then proceeds to use his face as her human chair and continues putting on her make up and getting ready for the day. GODDESS Brianna torments her cuck boy with the chastity key. Laughing at how long he's been locked up, teasing him while she masturbates with her Hitachi. She lets him watch her only to yearn. Just to have one touch but knowing he could never then she orgasms and lets him lick her fingers off. Tasting the wetness of her pussy lips as she laughs leaving him locked, hard and cuckold. Goddess Kylie orders her cuck slut to lick and worship her ass. Making sure he breaths her scent in deep. She then commands him to clean every inch of her ass with his tongue. Kylie gets off from the deep ass worship. Bitch boy is made to look at her wet pink pussy that he will never touch again. Kylie dangles his chastity key right in his face just to torment him even more. She has Goddess Brianna on her way over for a cucky training day date. Cucky slut only wishes to please his Goddess and makes sure to do a good job. Mistress Kylie has turned her new cucky into nothing more then a foot whore. She makes sure the loser knows his place at her feet and they are to be worshiped. Mistress Kylie rubs her beautiful pink wet pussy as she lays back and makes her foot faggot go to work on her feet instill she reaches orgasm. Goddess Brianna arrives with her subbyhubby Alex to teach her new Cucky how to give a proper blow job. Teaching him how to wrap his pouty pink lips around a mans swollen cock in order to earn money. At $2.00 a pop the bitch better learn to love taking a hot load all over his face. Mistress Kylie Rogue and Goddess Brianna now show $2.00 Blowjob boy how a cucky properly fucks his mistress. As a new bitch his job is to lick the studs cock, balls and mistress's pussy to keep everything nice and lubed up. After Kylie has an orgasm it is time for her $2.00 blow job boy to guzzle even more yummy man cream. That's right subby eat it all up and love it

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