Interrogated and Castrated_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Jean Bardot and Mistress Alexis Grace are furious. Food has been missing from the slave compound and one slut is looking well fed. They are going to get to the bottom of this. The slave is bound to a chair and clothespins are placed on his tongue. Alexis blows cigarette smoke in his face as Jean interrogates him. When the slut refused to give up information, Jean begins ripping the clothespins off one by one. Alexis spits into the slut's lying mouth. There is no way for the slut to win. If he admits wrong doing he will be punished. If he does not confess he will be punished. The interrogation does not go well for him. Jean burns his balls with a red hot cigarette just before castrating the bitch with a gelding device.

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