Sadistic Therapy (Male Training Full DVD)

Category: female domination

Duration: 33:00

*Whipping * Caning * Strap On * Ass Worship * CBT * Castration* Face Fucking* Isabella is fed up with her husband's womanizing ways. She is ready to divorce him, but he has begged her another chance. He has agreed to undergo intense behavior modification in order to save their marriage. She drives him to Goddess Brianna's female domination estate. Brianna is greets them at the door and immediately instructs the husband to strip and kneel. She warns Isabella that her husband will be undergoing great suffering and humiliation. Isabella smiles. She will have no problem watching him suffer. In fact, she would like to participate. Brianna begins the male bitch's extensive therapy by locking him into a ball stock and whipping him with a single tail. As her husband begins to whimper and moan Isabella smiles. She is going to enjoy this. The slut is then put on his knees with his balls locked before him. The ladies torture his cock and balls before driving a steel rod into his urethra. The husband is nearly melting down. He cannot believe the pleasure his wife is taking in torturing him. But the fun has just begun. Brianna goes on to teach Isabella how to fuck her husband in the ass. The ladies take turns fucking the slut, shoving their cocks in his ass and down his throat. Isabella is getting turned on. Brianna puts a ball shocker on the slut and straps a dildo gag in his mouth. Brianna canes the slut's ass brutally as Isabella rides his face. She face fucks the slut, getting off on his suffering. After Isabella as cum several times she turns around and forces her bitch husband to eat her ass. She is ecstatic with her new found power of the bitch. Brianna then drops the bomb: She can maintain this type of control over her husband by controlling his hormone level. He can be castrated in such a way that his balls are destroyed, but his cock remains. The only hormones his body will receive will be the ones his wife injects him with. She can completely control whether he is a docile sissy maid or a sex slave with a hard cock. Isabella loves this! Her slut husband is restrained to a table with leather straps. Brianna gives the castration tool to Isabella, explaining that the procedure is painless, but she will hear a very distinct crushing noise when the tubes that feed his balls are crushed. With a reformed husband Isabella thanks, Brianna and leads her bitch husband out the door on a leash.

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