Cruel Cock Tease -MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Mistress Amber uses her pussy to tease and torment her cuckold chastity slave. The only way she lets his cock near her pussy is when he is restrained with his cock locked away in chastity. Amber rubs her warm pussy over his steel cock cage, taunting him with her moist cunt. Her pussy is so close, so close she could slip it right in her tight pussy.... but she likes to see him suffer. The poor cuck is so horny and frustrated, and she is determined to give him blue balls while his cock is locked away. Amber wants his chastity sentence to be as uncomfortable as possible. When she teases his cock to the point that it is bulging against the bars, she begins to lick and stroke it, making him desperate for a release. His balls ache to cum and his cock drips at the slightest touch of her pussy. She taunts him with the pussy that other men get to enjoy while he is locked away tight in chastity. Amber is a cruel cock tease; she loves to see slaves suffer with sexual frustration.

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