How to Break a Slave_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 9:00

Mistress Megan wakes up in a particularly cruel mood. She will take her sadistic urges out on one of her stable slaves. She has the bitch strung up by his ankles. She is going to break this bitch today. Megan is going to make this bitch cry and then fuck him in the ass with his own tears. She picks up a single tail whip and begins beating the bitch. Instant welts rise up on the slut's flesh. The slut is in agony but refuses to cry. Megan laughs and whips the slut even harder. He will not give in. She'll break this bitch one way or another. Throughout the day Megan whips and flogs the slave, bringing him to the point of exhaustion. Finally tears begin rolling down the bitch's face. Megan uses the bitch's tears to lube her strap on cock. Now the real fun begins. Megan pile drives the defeated male, pumping him with 10 hard inches. This slut has just surrendered his manhood. There will be no going back.

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