From Macho Man To Blow Job Whore (Full DVD)

Category: female domination

Duration: 18:00

Lounging poolside Goddess Cherry Morgan and Mistress Alina Long are enjoying a perfect afternoon tanning their flawless skin while their eager foot boys tend to their delectable feet. As the boys suck and lick the delicious toes of the Goddess's, they hardly notice Butch, the macho repairman walk in to repair the screen enclosure that had been damaged by a clumsy slave. Butch is confused by the sight of the foot boys nude and collared but is intent on getting his job done. Noticing the huge bulge in his pants, Goddess Cherry decides to see just how macho Butch really is. After turning down her initial advances, Goddess Cherry uses her feminine allure to draw Butch inside and convinces him to allow Mistress Alina to try to him. Convinced that is hogwash, Butch agrees and within seconds is the mindless puppet of both women. Eager to inspect the goods, Goddess Alina orders Butch to strip. To their surprise, a 10"inch dildo falls out of the macho man's pants, exposing his real micro penis. Upset over being deceived, Cherry and Alina decide to teach this small dick loser a lesson! Butch is humiliated and commanded to dance and does so with the moves of a cheap, slutty stripper. Highly amused, the Girls probe Butch's mind to find out his favorite part of a woman? Not pleased with his male pig response's, the ladies reprogram him to crave cock and even make him repeat his secret faggot desires out loud. The Women then call in their foot boys who are not convinced that macho guy is really under a spell To prove it, Cherry orders her slave to present his cock to the mouth of the zombified former straight stud. Another macho pig is broken by Cherry and Mistress Alina! Now that they have Butch the macho construction worker believing that his favorite thing in the world is cock, under Mistress Alina's command he dropped to his knees and starts to slobber all over the cucky boys cock. Sucking it like a little cock hungry whore begging for cum. Finally, the cucky explodes shooting a huge load of white cum all over his face. Now that Cherry and Alina Have Macho construction boy completely under their control they make him suck cock number 2 that's right, this bitch sucks a mean cock! loving every minute of it as they continue to humiliate this slut just for their own amusement. Finally, the cum guzzler gets a face full of filth and then the ladies snap him out of it and hand him back his huge fake dildo he had stuffed in his jeans. As they laugh. Completely embarrassed Butch realizes he has a face full of cum and his fake dick has been revealed he runs for the door.

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