Detective Johnson Gets Cucked

Category: female domination

Duration: 28:00

Detective Johnson the vice cop tries to bust escorts and tricks them into getting free pussy for himself. Miss Tiffany had heard about him and had enough of this bitch ass cop. She decides she's going to turn the tables, setting up a date louring him into her hotel room. Seducing him with her young sweet body as he's proceeds licking her pussy diverting his attention, grabs his handcuffs and takes complete control. After he is cuffed she slaps a pink collar on and turns him into the cucky cop. Telling him he's going to do everything she says for the remainder of the night including take care of all of her dates for evening. Tiffany is tired of this cop thinking he can get free pussy. Now that she is in control he will have to earn his freedom back by worshiping her ass. Licking her butt hole with no permission to touch her vagina. Then she wants to get fucked but not with his pathetic dick so she straps a chindo on his face and makes him fuck her till she orgasms over and over again. First date shows up and he is forced to give the john a blowjob and lick up every last drop of his filth. Second date arrives and Tiffany puts her soft lips around the John and starts to blow him blindfolding him and instructs cucky cop To get on the case Then he is made to offer up his man pussy and take it up the ass. She sits on Detective Johnson's face rubbing her pussy all over. He has almost earned his freedom but one last thing... Miss Tiffany puts her strap on on because now she feels like fucking. Once finished she helps adjust Detective Johnson's tie and he assures no further disturbances from him or his department. She warns him by saying "see you next Friday!" He just smiles and nods yes....

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