Cuck Boy Play Date Pt 1

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Raven Bay only gets off when her subby hubby worships her feet the pathetic loser is collared and locked in chastity and lucky just to be touching her feet, she then asks if he wants to taste her pussy he smiles and she shoves her hot pink vibrator in his fuck hole and laughs and tells him to go get ready for a cucky play date, Mistress Alina and her are going shopping with his credit card and then the two cuckolds will meet ,Goddess raven Bay see's Alina's Cucky washing the car with his body and laughs no sponge allowed here. Mistress Alina smacks her subby on the ass and says good job the ladies kiss and say what a great day this will be Pt 1

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