Fucked by a Chin Dildo!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Relaxing on my sofa with one of my slaves sitting on the floor below me, Ihave him take my shoe off and begin worshiping my foot with his mouth. Hehungrily licks away at it and when I instruct him to smell it he wastes notime holding it to his nose and inhaling the delicious smell. He loves myfoot and proves how much by sucking and kissing it all over while I watchin amusement. I have another surprise for him as well and reveal that I`mwearing crotchless panties as I position myself over his face and beginfucking myself while he watches. Next I attach a chin dildo to his mouth,sit on his face, and fuck the big cock while laughing at how ridiculous helooks with a dick strapped to his face. I take a seat, spread my legs, andhave him fuck me by bobbing his head up and down while I moan in pleasure and squirt."Don`t stop!" I say as he continues to please me with the cock that`scovering his stupid mouth. I love it! Video includes:squirting , pussy licking, foot worship, chin dildo fucking

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