Subby Sex Education ( Full Length)

Category: female domination

Duration: 34:00

Goddess Jamie Valentine slaps her crop on the desk to get the students attention. "Today's first lesson is in the proper cock size to please a woman. Miss Valentine holds up a 12" dildo and explains to the class "this is what it takes to satisfy a woman. A real man is packing and knows how to please a woman." One of the students, Mr. Kincaid, laughs and comments "that's ridiculous. Is that what you need to be satisfied?" Miss Valentine grabs him by the ear pulling him up to the front of the class. She demands that he drop his pants and says "show the class what youre working with Mr. Kincaid." He drops his trousers revealing a teeny tiny weenie. The whole class starts laughing as Miss Valentine takes out a ruler and measures about an inch and a half. "That is pathetic!" One of the other students starts laughing and she instruct him to come to the front of the class. "Drop trow." He does and again revealing about an inch and a quarter tiny penis. Miss Valentine pulls out two chastity devices and instructs the pathetic losers to lock their dicklets up. Telling them that they are useless and could never please a woman. She calls Mr. Adams up to the front of the class and presents his penis. She asks Mr. Adams to place his cock in the penis pump and starts to pump it up completely filling the clear glass to explain what a real cock looks like. "Now this could please a woman. Miss Valentine now has the pathetic little dick students locked in chastity and on their knees. She explains to them that because they will never be able to please a woman, they will have to pay all the bills. In order to pay the bills they're going to have to learn how to be perfect little blow job queen's. The boys are instructed to pucker up and wrap their sweet little mouths around Mr. Adams bulging hard cock. While the boys are busy learning to suck cock Miss Valentine has her submissive female student as her new little teachers pet. Making her rub her pussy and suck her big ample breasts. Miss Valentine has complete control of her class. Finally Mr. Adams blows a big white chunky load of man filth all over Toby's face and Miss Valentine instructs Mr. Kincaid to lick the cum off of his face. Then she has her pet come up to the front of the class. "Look how short your skirt is with your ass hanging out. Looking like a little slut is unacceptable!!! You need to be punished. The female student obeys Miss Valentine's order and is swiftly and firmly spanked repeatedly over and over till her little 18 year old ass is red. Miss Valentine then commands that she get on her knees and start worshiping her feet. She grabs another male student and makes him worship her other foot" She then informs Mr. Kincaid "now you're going to worship Mr. Adams feet." Miss Valentine now has the female sub on her knees with a dildo attached to her face and instructs her to be a good little teachers pet and make her cum. Teaching her class what it means to be subservient. Miss Valentine enjoys the power she has over the class and notices the males little 2" dicks have become aroused. She calls Mr. Adams in with two blow up sheep and instructs the pathetic subbys to fuck the lambs. "That's right Mr. Kincaid stick your little pathetic dicklett in lamby and fuck her well. Thank her for allowing you the privilege of using her fuck hole." The boys pop their load within 2 minutes. Miss Valentine makes them thank Lamby and lick their disgusting filth out of the lambs opening. Making the female sub beg to be fucked with the big pink strap on she bends her over the desk and fucks her till she orgasms. Miss Valentine then calls her assistant Mr. Adams and throws him up on the desk only to stretch his man pussy out with the same 12 inch pink strap on while the rest of the class looks on. "Beg for my pink strap on. Tell me how much you love dick in your ass Mr. Adams." Finally Miss Valentine is through fucking the two students and informs the rest of the class that they're all complete morons. "I'm not even the teacher! I was supposed to be in this class and I just dominated all your bitch asses!"

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