Worthless Cocks Get Beaten

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Venus Divine and Goddess Kylie Rogue inform their slave that it is milking day since its been at least 30 days or even longer since this pathetic slave has been fed. Goddess Kylie begins to milk this bitch, but it looks like he does not want to be fed since he cant produce any of his filth for his Goddesses when told to. Goddess Venus and Kylie are extremely disappointed and outraged by their slave and since he is already tied up and not going anywhere they decide to take their anger out on this worthless slaves cock. They begin to crop his man stick till it begins to turn black and blue. As their slave screams for mercy they start to laugh and crop even harder. Taking turns, Goddess Venus and Goddess Kylie torture their slaves cock and filth sacs and shoving their crops down his throat making him gag. Maybe next time this pathetic worthless slave will produce his filth when told to by his Goddesses.

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