Boot Licking Slut

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Mistress Kendra James and Goddess Lydia Supremacy have one of their boot sluts on their knees begging to worship their boots. They laugh and taunt this boot whore till his tongue is practically hanging out of his mouth like the he is before letting their slave get to work. As he is forced to deep throat his goddess heels and lick from soul to the top of the laces he begins to get hard. Goddess Lydia sees this and makes this pathetic boot slut lay on his back as they step all over his face and worthless filth stick making him whimper like the pathetic he is. Mistress Kendra and Goddess Lydia then make him get back on his knees and force him to jerk his dick till he releases his filth all over their boots. They then tell their slave Now lick up every last drop bitch and get back to your cage as they laugh at how much a boot slut he really is.

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