Supreme Whipping ant ClubDom

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

A new slave has been purchased at Club Dom and Goddesses Lydia Supremacy and Kendra James are just the Women to break the new meat in! Already bruised and beaten from a prior caning, the slave is suspended hands over head with his legs held apart with a spreader bar, unable to move or avoid the torments of his Goddesses. Amused, both Mistresses torment and taunt the slave, before tearing into him with their whips. The lashes stripe his back in a furious frenzy of strokes, paining a beautiful canvas for all to admire. Overcome by pain, the slave dances about in a feeble attempt to avoid the pain brought on by the vicious whips. A ridiculous exhibition is put on by the slave, who appears to even be tweaking his buttocks in an attempt to gain some mercy from the dreaded whips. However, as all slaves eventually learn, there is never any mercy for male filth at Club Dom. Goddess Kendra and Lydia both admire their handiwork as they dig their nails into the tender, battered flesh of their new subordinate, causing him to wince and cry out in even more extreme pain. Just another day at Club Dom.

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