My Cuckold Valentines MP4

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Duration: 24:00

Vivian has tired of her husband. His dick is small and he is boring in bed. She calls him from the car on Valentine's Day to tell him that she has a surprise for him. Vivian comes walking in the door with another man. She tells her husband that it is over. Her husband is so pathetic that he begs to stay in her life in any way possible. Vivian's eyes light up. This is going to be fun. She immediately pulls his pants down and compares his tiny cock to her new studs huge dick. Certainly her husband had to know that he could not continue to satisfy her. Then she puts her hubby on his knees and demands that he suck her lover's dick. When he is reluctant, Vivian tells him, "Here is his cock and there is the door!" Vivian smiles as her husband swallows her lovers dick. She loves it when her stud shoots a huge load all over his face. The humiliation has just begun! Vivian makes him watch as she fucks her stud and even demands that he lick her stud's ass hole while they are fucking. Once Vivian has come several times her stud's huge cock, She makes her cuckold husband lick the stud's cum out. Now, Vivian and her stud are ready for a bath. The cuckold husband is made to lick both of their ass holes and feet before they get into the bath water. Vivian looks at her hubby, on his knees with dried cum still on his face. She smiles. Their marriage just may work out after all. This has been the best Valentines Day of her life.

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