Maid To Order (Pt 1-7 Cuckolding)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Toby's parents have left for the weekend and ordered two Latin maids to take care of their obnoxious want to be rapper son. The maids are dressed in sexy skimpy uniforms and don't even speak English. He tells his friend Cameron he needs to come to his house cause there are two hot maids to take care of the house for the weekend and that they look like hookers. The maids will do everything he tells them to. The friend cannot believe it and jumps in his car and rushes over as fast as he can. As soon as Cameron arrives he snaps his fingers and the two maids enter the room. He instructs them to give him a massage which they do. Then he tells the two ladies to start kissing and make out with one another. They say, "yes Mr. Toby". Girls start kissing and licking each other's breasts. The boys cannot believe their eyes and think what a weekend they're going to have. The ladies convince the boys to show them what equipment they're working with and talk them into dropping their pants revealing their tiny 2 inch dicks. The ladies begin to laugh. Toby gets extremely embarrassed and says "it's cold in here, you ladies couldn't even handle this." Both ladies continue to laugh at their small penises Part 1 of 7

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