You Call That A Cock? (POV)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Mistress Kyile Rogue and Goddess Nicki Ortaga decide that you need to learn the difference between your pathetic dick and what a real MAN’s cock should look like. As they show you what a worthless bitch you are they shove their 15” cock down your throat and make you gag till tears are running down your face. While you’re sucking on the 15” cock, Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki decide there going to take the other cock and shove up your man pussy. “Wow you’re so pathetic and worthless”. Look at you sitting there with your 2” dick trying to jerk it off as you suck on this 15” cock and take the other one right up your ass. As they instruct you on how to jerk your good for nothing 2" dick they decide to let you release. Go ahead and release your filth for us you pathetic slave . That’s it just like that. Now lick it all up every single drop.

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