Pleasing Their Goddess (Chindo)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Kyile Rogue and Goddess Nicki Ortaga are feeling extremely horny tonight. Good thing they have two pathetic slaves that their whole life revolves around pleasing and doing everything they are told for their Goddesses. First they make these two worthless slaves smell and look at their tight pussies and tease them till they are shaking. Just as these two worthless slaves think they might get lucky, Goddess Nicki and Mistress Kylie pull out two chindos to strap on their fuck holes. They force their heads back and forth in their tight pink pussies informing them that this is as close as you will ever be to fucking this goddess’s pussy. Practically suffocating their slaves with their asses as they fuck their faces, Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki begin to reach climax. After they are done with these two fuck toys, Goddess Nicki and Mistress Kylie shove there dildoed faces off and instruct them to crawl back to their cages with the chindos still hanging from their fuck holes.

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