Teaching My Girlfriends 3, Part 1

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

A knock on the door means Marie’s friends Karmen and Tysen have come by. But why has she invited them over? Ever since Marie learned the joys of Femdom many years ago she hasn’t been able to resist showing her slaves to her girlfriends any chance she gets. It’s a way to show these young girls what power they really have over men, and how easy it ultimately is to enslave the weaker male gender. It’s always a little shocking at first for vanilla girls to see two grown men on a leash following closely behind Marie and obeying her every word but that’s how it always starts. But with some basic guidance any girl can become a slave owner. To start with some bitch slaps to a slaves face is always a good ice breaker, and Karmen and Tysen really love that Marie’s male bitches always say thank you after being slapped. And with that off they go on their journey into Femdom, but Marie has much more to show these girls and these two slaves will endure quite a bit by the time this is over!

Men are Slaves

Medical Foreplay
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A Woodland Bondage
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Megan's orgasmic facesitting
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