Agonizing Milking MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

It is milking day at ClubDom Estate. Mistress Emmanuel London and Mistress Kendra James have it in for a particular slave. They strap him to a chair and begin to extract his male filth. The ladies are expecting a full load as the male bitch has been chastity bound for 48 days. Mistress Emmanuel's soft hands go to work on the slut's hard cock as Kendra smiles. She knows that she will grab his balls and ruin his orgasm. All the while, Mistress Emmanuel reminds the male bitch that if he doesn't produce enough cum, he will be forced to endure another 48 days of chastity. Either way, this slut loses. When the male bitch gets right to the point of cumming but hold backs, Mistress Kendra puts her hand over his mouth as Mistress Emmanuel extracts every drop of the bitch's male filth.

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