Caning the Bitches Cock

Category: female desperation

Duration: 5:00

GODDESS Michelle Lacy has her slave strapped to a diamond plate metal cross. This pathetic slut thinks he's going to get milked. All he wants is attention from his Goddess and attention to his pathetic slut stick. Its been over 40 days since his filth sacks have been drained. But Goddess Michelle has different ideas. She see decides it's time to cane this bitches cock with a single cock cane. She says "this is all you wanted, right? Attention to your slut stick? If you like that, wait till you feel this!" Revealing to him four single cock canes and begins striking him over and over again. Grabbing his pathetic slut sacks Goddess Michelle starts caning them too. The bitch got his wish. All the slave ever wanted was some attention. So that's what she gave him...

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