Pool Boy Forced To Be Their Bitch (Forced Bi)

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 7:00

While Kate England is forcing their new bitchs face into Dava Foxxs ass, Davas husband come home to see their pool boy on his wife. With her husband outraged he begins to yell at all of them, but Dava puts an end to that real quick as she slaps him in the face and tells him to get on his knees. Then Kate hands her a collar and as she is putting it on her now crying husband she informs him he will be doing everything that he is told or she will divorce his ass and take all his money. As both Dava and Kate begin to take off their pool boy bitchs chastity Dava tells her husband that if he loves her and does not want a divorce he will suck on their boy toys dick. Dava begins to force his head down and he begins to suck. Kate enjoys dominating men and begins to get so turned on she begins playing with herself. Soon Dava decides that she wants to watch their bitch release his load all over her husbands face. Soon before he knows it he is licking cum of his lips and being laughed at by his wife and her friend.

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