Cuckold Step Daddy Becomes Their Dildo

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 6:00

Marsha May and Hope Harper have their cucky step dad on his knees with a chindo strapped to his face. They begin to laugh and humiliate this sissy bitch and inform him that this is the only way he gets this close to their tight pink pussies. Hope then shoves his dick face into her pussy and forces him to start fucking her and tells him he better make her have an orgasm. After she has been pleased its Marshas turn and she grabs this sissy bitch by his hair and begins to grind on his face. She tells him he better do it right or they will tell their mom everything. Soon Marsha and Hope shove this sissy dick face away and ask if he would like to fuck. With his chindo bouncing up and down they laugh and say they will be right back. (Pt 5 Of 6)

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