Cuck Daddy's New Life ( Ass Eating)

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 7:00

Christy Stevens has been suspicious of her step father for a while now. She knows that he has been taking her dirty underwear and spying on her with the boyfriends. Today she catches him red headed! Oh, she so owns him now. Christy decides to make her step daddy into her cuck daddy. She will force him to do anything that she wants or else she'll tell mom. Christy loves the power she now has over him. She makes him lick her AND her stud's ass as they fuck. He wanted to spy on her sex he is getting a front row seat and then some! Thats right daddy lick his ass clean and dont forget his balls. After they are done fucking and her boyfriend has cum all over her pussy she makes her cuck daddy lick it all up like the pathetic sissy he has become.

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